Form Submission: Participation Entry

In Uganda, an ambitious road construction program may disrupt functioning of critical ecosystems and supply of environmental services. Limited information is available on the effect of active road construction on environmental services important for local communities. My research sought to; know what ecosystem effects local communities attribute to an active road construction project; and, mechanisms to monitor, report and mitigate the effects. Results show that 68% of interviewees experienced water related effects. There was a 60.6% chance that affected households changed their domestic water sources (P Value <0.05). Other effects related to land-use change (12%), agriculture (10%) and wildlife (10%), although these were not significant. While the Environmental and Social Management Plan includes grievance reporting, local complaints are not consistently submitted to responsible government Authorities. I recommend a regular and dynamic feedback mechanism, financed by the project, and implemented at the local level but with third party verification standards.